The git profile switcher

Last version: 3.2 (18 Apr 2019)
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Gitcher is the git profile switcher, a TUI (terminal user interface) application that facilitates the switching between git profiles, importing configuration settings such as name, email and user signatures.

Gitcher usage screen shot Gitcher usage screen shot

It is possible that you have multiple git configurations. E.g.:

  • Work profile

                    Name: Jane Doe
                    Email: janedoe@work
                    PGP Key: AAAA1234
  • Personal profile

                    Name: Jane Doe
                    Email: janedoe@home
                    PGP Key: BBBB5678

It could be a nuisance to switch between profiles while working on different projects. In addition, it is common to forget what profile you are using when you start commit in a new repository, and rewrite your story can be a bigger nuisance. This tool aims to facilitate the configuration of the profile to be used in each project, an agile exchange between the different profiles and a way to control the profiles that you are using in your machine.

Compatibility and installation

Gitcher is a program designed for Unix-like machines, so it is available for MacOS and Linux systems. Gitcher can be installed via Homebrew, PyPI or manually. Please, take a look to the installation guide.


The git profile switcher

Reception of the application

Nowadays, the Gitcher's repository on GitHub has 14 stars and a pair of forks, and it is known that a little group of people of several countries use Gitcher in their diary workflow.


Copyright 2019-2020 Borja González Seoane. Licensed as open source software under GNU General Public License v3.0.