Dès Vu

A CLI for collect your thoughts and notes


A command line interface application to write, read and organize Markdown notes in your computer.

Most people know what a déjà vu is. A dès vu is a related process, but somewhat reversed. The French term dès vu means the awareness that this will become a memory. When you look, and see how the present becomes something you will remember. The goal of this tool is to help to achieve that effect. Helps the user to capture memories and knowledge for the future in a comfortable way; trying to overcome the defect that is the volatility of human memory to consolidate a dès vu with everything the user wants.

But leaving aside the metaphor, the focus of the tool is to allow the user to take these notes from the terminal command line, very quickly, and that the system was able to archive each note in its correct place. The user would have a directory with Markdown documents and Dès Vu would deduce, using a logical index structure, where each user update should go to. Thus, it would be very easy to archive notes according to the context, keep a diary, etc.

The technology chosen is the OCaml language, to make use of one of its highlights when it comes to processing formal languages.

This page will be completed with more information in the following weeks. Take a look to the GitHub repository and suscribe the mailing list to be updated about the project.


A CLI for collect your thoughts and notes